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Hot water tank Calgary 

New water tank Installation
Water tank repair & maintenance

We install from traditional tanks to the latest tankless models that save money on your energy bills.


Let one of our certified technicians recommend the right solution for you based on your budget, hot water requirements and priorities.

We carry trusted brand, Bradford White the most.

Bradford White has the best quality, features, and warranty when it comes to hot water system.



Some situations can impact the life cycle of a water tank, but the majority run between 10 and 15 years.

Your water tank is more than 10 years old?


It’s time to start thinking about installing a brand new one. When it fails, it can leave you with a mess in your home.

Our technician will perform an inspection, determine the cause of the problem, and outline the solution and let you decide.

You’ll be provided with the full cost up-front, and there are no hidden fees.

Best warranty with Bradford White!

We remove and dispose of your old water tank

Request a quote today





Your plumber will call when they are

on their way.



Background checked, professionally trained & Uniformed technicians




We will provide a complimentary inspection of all of your plumbing while our plumber

is in house. 




You will know the price before we

start work. We are reasonable and honest with our customers.

Water Heater Problems?

  • Is your water temperature down?

  • Has your hot water pressure dropped?

  • Are your utility bills through the roof?

  • Has your hot water stopped completely?

  • Is your hot water system leaking?


Water Heater Repair Service in Calgary


In our ever busier lives, there’s almost nothing more frustrating than hot water problems. We understand nobody likes a cold shower and can usually repair or replace hot water systems the same day.


How Else Do We Save You Money?

Hot water accounts for about 30% of your total power bill, making a cost-effective repair or a new and state of the art hot water system something that could save you serious money on future bills.


Which Hot Water System Is Best For Me?

A hot water system is a significant investment, so we’ll help you make the right decision for your needs and budget. We have experience installing hot water systems and we know which hot water systems are the best performers. 


Electric Hot Water Systems

An electric hot water system is a cheaper option to buy and install but is typically the most expensive to run.  Systems that run on off-peak electricity are a smart way to reduce electricity costs but need a larger tank.




Gas Hot Water Systems

Although gas prices are rising, a natural gas hot water system has much lower running costs than an electric system. Units have either a small gas pilot light or an electric ignition.a


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