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Your Plumbing Protection Plan provides coverage of the below specified diagnostic and repair work.

Yearly Plumbing check-up includes;

📌 Toilet inspection and minor adjustments 

📌 Bathroom/Kitchen faucet performance test

📌 Water damage assessment

📌 Drainage piping leak inspection 

📌 Sump pump inspection 

📌 Water heater safety, leakage and corrosion inspection 

📌 Water heater drain & flush

📌 Other plumbing concern that you might have on an inspection day

Your plan coverage extends only to the plumbing related piping and drains inside your home and waste drainage and rainwater drains within the boundary of your property up to the point of connection to the main municipal drain.

Your Plumbing system must be in accordance with your local Plumbing code in order to be eligible for coverage.

-Free Yearly Plumbing Inspection (Check-Up)
-15% on Any Plumbing Repairs Includes VIP Member's Relatives
-Hot Water Heater Drain & Flush
-No Overtime Charge
-Priority Service
-Maintenance reminders

Protect your home from costly and annoying Plumbing issues
for less than 50 cents a day.

The best time to fix a problem is

before it becomes a problem.

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