Clogged Kitchen Sink Drain


Although the kitchen sink is one of the most used and important sinks in your home, it isn’t the only one.

Let’s face it, a blockage can occur in any of them and it’s enough to make you pull your hair out in frustration or recoil in disgust.

Unfortunately, one of the common blockages occurs in the Kitchen sink. And, because it is a part of the house that is not only used daily but performs a very important function, a blocked sink is going to seriously ruin your day.



What’s The Problem With A clogged kitchen sink?


Apart from the fact that your dishes are piling up, a blocked kitchen sink may:

  • Smell bad

  • Cause flooding

  • Breed bacteria

  • Make gurgling noises


How Did Your Sink become clogged?


There are plenty of ways your sink may have become clogged.  It could be a foreign object, a build-up of food or gunk, or an underlying plumbing problem such as broken or poorly installed pipes, or bad water flow.


So How to unclog a kitchen sink?


  • You can try plunging by plugging the other compartment if you got a two-compartment sink.

  • You can pour a special chemical down the drain.

  • You can use a snake machine down the drain.  


You may have already had a go with the plunger or tried pouring boiling hot water or a special chemical down the drain. If you haven’t been successful in clearing the blockage, you’ve either got a very stubborn sink blockage or a problem elsewhere in your plumbing system.


 SKRT Plumbing and Heating Ltd. is here to help!


Deal with your clogged Sink


We’ll make sure we end your blocked sink problem straight away with all the right know-how, equipment and parts.  Hesitating to deal with a clogged sink could cause a small problem to turn into something much more difficult, damaging and costly.

So give your blocked sink the love and attention it needs today by getting SKRT Plumbing and Heating Ltd. on the case.




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